So glad the term “Just like riding a bike”is a true one!

This weekend was one of the first weekends in a long time where I had minimal plans. I really needed it for many reasons but it also allowed me to wrap my head around this whole “I’m signed up for this now what the hell do I do” and “How the hell do I raise that much money” thing. Friday in Boston was gorgeous. It was set to get up to 70 degrees and I wanted to get in a nice long run. I took off in the morning in shorts and tank top and a whole new playlist thinking I was on top of the world. This lasted for about an hour and a half before I realized the  drastic temperature jump was not agreeing with me. I finished my run a few miles early, stopped at the gym to beg my trainer for a few dollars to get a lemonade and walk/ran the rest of the way home. Moral of the story is everyone has bad runs even when they want it to be the perfect one. Long runs are easily one of the favorite parts of my week but there will always be things that we can’t control (and sometimes this includes our minds).  Friday night was spent preparing for the mental breakdown I was having over the next day in the only way that I knew: A few glasses of Prosecco out at a local bar, and then coming home to a pizza and snuggles with my Chlo-Bear.

Annnnd then it was time to re-teach myself to ride a bike…..

True Story: I walked into Landry’s last week and said “So I signed up for an Ironman and apparently I need a bike”. Not only did they not look at me and start laughing but they provided with me the most amazing service. Mark, my new bike BFF (he doesn’t know this yet) spent 2 hours explaining the differences between each bike and was VERY great about not up selling me but also being honest about what I should spend more money on.

I picked up bike on Wednesday and instantly fell in love. I was so excited to ride it when I got home however did not feel comfortable yet on the roads. My solution was an amazing one (or so I thought at the time): Just ride around in circles in the nearby parking lot at Castle Island over and over and over. What I did not know at the time was it happened to be the opening of Sullivan’s which is basically a national holiday in Southie and brings out many people. So if you live in South Boston yes I was the girl on her bike who circled the parking lot about 100 times while you waited for your hot dog. Luckily that night I had dinner plans with my brother or I might still be there circling.

Back to the weekend. My plan was to head to the Lexington Bike Path in the morning before anyone else got there and hope for the best. The bike path is a favorite of mine to coach on and figured I really couldn’t get lost or more importantly get hit by a car. I ran by 7-11 got a pre-bike snack of cinnamon toast crunch and diet coke (comfort foods to ease anxiety) and got to the bike path around 7. Ironically I was wearing a Boston marathon jacket and more then 1 (in fact like 10) people commented on the trail that I was confused when I started my workout this morning. I put on my podcast and was off. I am happy to say I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF MY 3 HOURS ON THE BIKE. Granted it was totally flat but I could not get the smile off of my face. I also said hello to every single biker like I was part of this new circle (yes I realize this was only me who thought this).

Yes I know I need to work on my sugar addiction but one step at a time. Looking at this I should also maybe clean my car once and a while.

My favorite part of my ride was when I passed a 7 year old crying hysterically telling him mom he was scared to ride his bike. I stopped and let him in on a little secret that “just like him I was really scared to ride this morning and wanted to be crying before I got on like he was doing but I just told myself I would try and that it was okay if I didn’t do it the first time around”. If you are wondering yes he got on his bike and yes his mom was there and didn’t think I was just some crazy lady trying to steal her kid.

After 40 miles all I wanted to do was get out of Lexington but my amazing Team Challenge co-coach Marc (who thankfully doesn’t mind my 103836 texts which questions and updates on my bike training/excitement/etc.) had told me to start getting used to running after getting off a bike. I decided to run a few miles and immediately felt like Pheobe from Friends. It was the oddest feeling ever not feeling in control of my legs. I sucked it up and got 3 miles in before a very well needed lunch with a good friend to go over her marathon schedule (shes running her 1st full in Providence in May).

Image result for phoebe from friends meme running

I returned home, took an amazing shower, ate some more food, and did some work. Last minute I ended up grabbing dinner with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while and called it a night. Sunday was a much needed rest day and spent it doing errands, some work, and concluded it with 2 glass of my favorite wine in the city at Smith and Wollensky (their Meritage Reserve is worth the money I promise). I hope you guys had a great weekend! Please comment, think about how much money you wasted this weekend on pointless things and DONATE FOR A CURE! 🙂


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