One of my favorite places in Boston….


4 years ago (I just got my anniversary email!) I had never touched a weight and had never been to a gym in Boston. I was living in the North End and a friend of mine convinced me to try out a bootcamp class. It sounded intense and horrible but I was getting to the point that I needed a few more social activities then meeting people for drinks and thus began my introduction to my new bootcamp family at Beantown Bootcamp.

90 Canal Street is where you will find me at 5am most days of the week. An outdoor bootcamp program 12 months a year there is also indoor classes, treadmills, and a locker room. It is a no frills type place and we might not have the luxuries of some fancy posh gyms but the workouts are top notch, change daily, and basically you just have to show up. John keeps our workouts interesting and with some tough love gets us to do things that I could have never imagined myself doing.

More importantly then the workouts, it is the community that makes this place so special. I like to joke Beantown is my “Boston safe and happy place” as when I am there I am fully able to leave everything else in my outside life at the door. When I first started at bootcamp I had no confidence in my running or really much else in my life fitness wise. But there were people there that took me in and believed that I could finish races even when I didn’t think or know I could. We traveled together, had cheering squads for each other at the Boston Marathon, and I quickly learned that fitness was truly about the experience and the people who surrounded you rather then the overall result.

People often tell me that they hate running and my response is always “then don’t do it”. You need to find your passion and what makes you feel good about yourself (or the people who do). I hate yoga (true story: I was once kicked out of a class) and as much as I “want to like it” I hate it and have stopped telling myself I should suck it up and go. Is every morning sunshine’s and rainbows getting out of bed to go work out? Of course not.  But I know I will always feel better after a work out and breakfast with the girls to start my day. I have met some of my best friends through my gym and even when people move away the connections move past running and lifting. I may not always be able to give 100% fitness wise (or complain though half the workouts) but just being there, doing something physical, and surrounding yourself with people is better then nothing at all. Good luck to everyone in finding your Beantown Bootcamp 🙂

This morning started out at bootcamp with a Beacon Hill workout (5 hills, multiple times), followed by the strength portion of a Tread and Shred class. And as every morning does it involved a walk across the street to Boston Common Coffee  for some coffee and breakfast. The flavor of the day changes daily and you would not believe how much I feel I have won or lost something based on what the flavor is (I told you day 1 you were not allowed to judge). And Thursday just happens to be donut Thursday and you can bet your Team Challenge manager and I text for inappropriate amounts of time on our flavor opinions 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful night!! And please don’t let this be the first day since we were live that I don’t get a donation 🙂


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