Highs/Lows/Lessons learned from training this week & 5 Fun Facts For Friday!

We made it to Friday!! Does anyone else feel like this week has felt REALLY long? I thought Friday’s would be a perfect time to recap highs and lows of training weeks.


HIGH – Figuring out the details of where I will be swimming until the weather is nicer. I got a free pass from the Boston Athletic Club so decided to check out the pool there. It is right down the street from my house and is extremely convenient. Stayed tuned for a blog post recapping my first (and 2nd!) swimming experience. 

LOW – The weather this weekend won’t allow me to go for a longer bike ride.  Saturday will be 14 degrees with 30 mph winds. Not worth the safety risk! 

HIGH – Being better at slowing down my running. – I have been focusing on this because I know I will be so happy to run after swimming/biking that I want to make sure I don’t go out to fast. This will also help me recover faster. 

LOW – Not feeling well during Bootcamp Thursday.  – I had horrible stomach pains, was nauseous throughout the whole workout, and just was cranky and tired. Guess what? Life moved on.

HIGH – My specialized biking shoes (is there something that these are called like sneakers are running shoes?) came in and fit!! Blame my dad and my former dancing career on having incredibly wide feet. My running shoes are a Mens 2E. Before you tell me “it’s so weird because I’m a smaller person” trust me I’ve heard. 

Low – Always forgetting to take pictures – I’m trying and a “blogger in process”. 

HIGH – I am 10% to my fundraising goal!! 

LOW – We still have 90% to go and a cure to find! 

Lessons learned from training this week

  1. Biking is SO much colder than running 
  2. Swim caps don’t actually keep your hair dry
  3. Clipping into your bike and not falling over is a lot harder then it sounds
  4. Swimming makes you very hungry 
  5. Cutting back on sugar makes you a raging bitch…
  6. Pushing off the wall while doing laps is okay (my new friend Rob who I met in the pool after I decided he wanted to answer all my swimming questions because his swim cap said Triathlon told me so).

And last but not least…

5 FUN FACTS (about myself) FOR FRIDAY 

  1. I send 3 greeting cards out every Sunday. Birthdays, thank yous, or random hellos I love thinking about people getting excited for mail that isnt a bill! 
  2. My favorite colors are pink and yellow. Shocker I know. 
  3. I have a paper planner and refuse to use digital calanders. If it ever got stolen I honestly would not know what to do with my life. 
  4. Without getting on a plane my happy place is Portland Maine. 
  5. I don’t like chocolate. 


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