Weekend Recap and Last Week’s Training Log

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm in this cold weather we are having here in Boston.

Training wise I don’t have to much to report from the weekend. When I saw how cold it was going to be on Saturday I thought it was wise to switch my rest day from Sunday to Monday. I also needed to head to my parents house this weekend for a number of reasons so decided to head to Taunton on Friday night. I hadn’t been sleeping at all last week and my parents couch is always the one place I have no problem passing out on (the catering from my mom also helps 🙂 so it seemed like the logical thing to do. I caught up with my dad when I got home and then my mom, Chloe, and I had a relaxing girls night. It was exactly what I needed to end the week.

She’s a pro at road trips

Saturday I was still pretty tired and hung around in Taunton for a while before heading back to the city. The cold, winds, and not feeling great caused a lack of motivation to venture out but I did make it down the street to a local bar of mine for some wine and more importantly my favorite fried mac and cheese balls (this probably was the real reason I forced myself out). While there my brother texted that he was celebrating his girlfriends birthday and it seemed like a great idea at the time to join. I did get a donation out of it so in the long run was worth it 🙂

Lots of family time this weekend

Sunday was even more uneventful then Saturday as I still wasn’t feeling great and I’m not sure red wine and fried food was the solution to my sickness. I ate a lot of junk food, slept the day away, and couldn’t even imagine getting a workout in. I am a huge believer is listening to your body and taking extra rest days when needed. This will be a long journey and it’s to early in the game to get burnt out or injury myself. Plus days spent cuddling with Chloe and reading a new book from the library in my onsie are a win all around in my book! The highlight of my day included a text from a very special patient that she was home and comfortable after having surgery this past week. This girl is truly such an amazing person and fighter and the EXACT reason why we need to keep fighting and find a cure. If you are reading this I am so so proud of you and how far you have come since our work together. You are always in my mind and inspire me during all of my training’s.

Last week’s training recap (2/27/17-3/4/17):

Monday – 10 miles in the morning, and 30 minute swim after work

Tuesday – 6 miles of hills followed by a strength session at Beantown

Wednesday – 10 miles in the morning, 35 minutes in the pool

Thursday – Bootcamp and strength session

Friday – Long run in the am and 60 minutes on the cycling bike at a very easy pace (really focusing on form and cadence rather than intensity)

*With some sad news this morning that doesn’t directly impact me but got me thinking a lot, please remember to treasure your relationships in life. Say I love you more often, give hugs every chance you get, and never ever take those in your life for granted.

After my wreck Monday night I realize this to be the absolute truth...so if you get tired of hearing me say it to you, I'm sorry...just think about it this way, the phone call you recieved could've been that you would never hear me say it ever again...if I say it I mean it... Maybe I say it too much maybe I can be a little more clingy than you can stand, but I love you. And even when I get on your nerves at least you'll never have a reason to doubt me...:

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