Tangent Thursday

Happy March Madness!!! 

It’s no secret that I love this time of year. So many games on at once, a ton of upsets, and so many young athletes giving everything they have. I grew up a UNC fan and that is where my heart lies but look forward to watching these games all year long. Before my work bestie had to go and move to Ireland we may have spent a few more hours watching games at our desk then we should have, not to mention a half day thrown in there for the opening tournaments. I heard on the radio this morning that 2.1 billion dollars is lost in work productivity due to March Madness. Annie, I’m quite sure we contributed to those statistics in the past 🙂 While I won’t be taking any time off this year you can be certain I will be watching as many games as I can and will probably spend a few more hours in the bars then I normally do because of it.

The Finish Line Documentary 

Last night another bestie and I went to see the new Finish Line Documentary based off the marathon bombing. I am someone who loves seeing shows (my coolness in life peaked when I was drama club president in HS) and have a great network of people who I can always convince to go with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show and really hadn’t done research as to know what it was meant to document. Arriving about a half hour to spare we grabbed a glass of champagne at Rock Bottom (fun fact I went there after my first and only big girl interview at Children’s Hospital when I was 21) and then arrived to the theater right when the show started.

The show used transcripts from about 15 different people all somehow involved in the bombing. There were no special effects, no props, or fancy costume changes. Just people retelling the stories EXACTLY as they were spoken (every um, like, etc was kept). I will say I thought the show was phenomenally done.  It was so simple yet so powerful. If you are someone who gets overly emotional or has a difficult time with things like this I don’t think I would recommend you going. Everyone has their own limits and I think that its important to know what you can or can’t handle.

I did run the 2013 Boston marathon and luckily my family and I were already at a local bar eating by the time the bombs went off and we realized what had happened. I am so fortunate that the many people I knew on the course were also okay but my heart will always go out to those who suffered and will always be so grateful for everyone that did their part to keep our city safe during that week.

Happy Birthday Kristin!!

Last but not least I wanted to wish this one an amazing birthday! It was on her birthday last year we became close and is a perfect example of how gym memberships can result in much for then just fitness! Can’t wait to celebrate soon love!!

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Donate the money you would have lost (or that you win) if you did a bracket to help find a cure with the link below!!


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