Highs/Lows/Lessons learned from training this week & 5 Fun Facts For Friday!


Does anyone else feel like this week flew by? Even though it snowed this week I’m thinking we are almost in the clear and am hoping warm weather is right around the concern. Hope everyone enjoys their St Patricks Day (crazy how celebrations have changed over the years) and your weekend is full of successful March Madness brackets!


HIGH – Realizing that I’m able to reconnect with so many different people through biking,swimming, new sports –  People who I wouldn’t normally run with have been contacting me with news that they would be happy to sign up for a cycling race with me or come to a spin class. 

LOW –  An off few days of workouts – Blogged about this but Mon-Wed things were just off. I had a great workout yesterday and taking a rest day today but hoping things are on the upswing!  

HIGH – Meeting people at the BAC  – I took a spin class yesterday and the nicest older lady took me in and introduced me to a ton of new people at my new gym. They even have a tri training program and I was able to ask a ton of questions from different trainers. 

LOW – Missing Beantown Bootcamp – With this new type of training I don’t get to Bootcamp as much as I used to. I know I will be back and it will always be my hub but still weird to not see the same people each morning. 

HIGH –Looking forward to a TC fun run/brunch tomorrow – With a new season officially starting next week I’m hoping to see a ton of my runners tomorrow and excited to talk to them about finally being on their side! 

LOW – Realizing that I have to pick and choose my running races  – For both financial and training time reasons I won’t be able to run some of my favorite races and have had to tell people no when they have asked if I can pace/run races with them. 

LOW – Not making fundraising a priority this week – Week flew by and just needed a break from it. Going to regroup this weekend. 


  1. I have no idea what my swimming form is supposed to look like. I keep putting this off but really need to look into a swimming lesson. 
  2. Sometimes its best to take an extra rest day after introducing so many new things to your body in such a short time.
  3. While I probably won’t need a wetsuit temperature wise, everyone has suggested I think about wearing one for speed/drowning purposes. 

And last but not least…

5 FUN FACTS (about myself) FOR FRIDAY 

  1. My biggest pet is when people don’t know how to drive around rotaries 
  2. My first marathon was the Disney marathon
  3. I wear flip flops throughout the winter and put them on as soon as I finish a long run
  4. I would almost always read rather then watching tv/movies
  5. I can’t stand orange juice  


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