Weekend Recap and Last Week’s Training!

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone enjoyed and had a lucky St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I won’t lie a majority (okay most) of my weekend was spent watching basketball and eating but we all need those weekends sometimes right??

Friday I enjoyed a much needed rest day after a long ride Thursday. I usually save my rest days for Sunday but my body needed it and I was more than happy to sleep in a little bit on Friday. As the St. Patricks’s Day parade can get a little crazy in Southie each year for the past few years I have gone home to my parents house to get away from it all and relax. AKA I am old and can’t party like I used to anymore. Below is a picture from about 8 years ago that proves that at a point in my life I used to full embrace St. Patrick’s Day in Boston.


Friday night I spent catching up with my parents, finishing up some work, and watching the games. Where my parents live about an hour away, it is a nice escape from city life and doesn’t help that Chloe and I get spoiled when we stay there. Chloe also enjoys my parents back yard and trying to play with the turkeys that hang out there.

Things you don’t see in the city and are saved for when you go home…

Saturday started with a nice early 4:30am wake up call so that I could get to Newton to get a long run in before I met up with my Team Challenge alumni for a Fun Run/Brunch. I got in 16 miles before I met up with the team and after 4 days without really running my legs were more than ready to push the pace and go. This combined with so many runners out on heartbreak hill made for a perfect AM run. We had about 6-7 people show up for our fun run and about 20 show up to the brunch (clearly people have priorities).  I can’t tell you how amazing it was to catch up with so many TC alumni and was a prefect reminder of why I am taking on this journey. TC is a family in the truest form and the friendships and bonds that are made over miles and this illness are forever. Being on the other side of the experience has certainly made me feel even more connected to these amazing people.

Sorry for those that came earlier/later and missed the picture! 

The rest of the day was spent celebrating a special someones 1st birthday at my cousins house. It was great to see some family members that I don’t get to see very often. I am so fortunate that my mom has had the same best friends since kindergarten and that I grew up with so many “situational aunts and cousins”. These are people that I know I can count on anything for no matter how much time has passed.

Happy Birthday Evan! 

Sunday was perhaps one of the laziest days I have had in a long time. I took Chloe for a 5 mile run and spent the rest of the day eating way to much food on the couch at my parents. I knew I wouldn’t find parking back in Boston so hung out there until 3ish before heading back. I timed it perfectly and got back just as most people were leaving the city. Once back I unpacked, watched UNC win and Duke lose (!!), and continued my unhealthy weekend eating. All in all it was a successful weekend.

Last week’s training recap (3/13/17-3/19/17):

Monday – 40 minute swim in AM, 10 miles

Tuesday – Failed attempt at a run, Strength session, 1 hour on bike

Wednesday – 40 minute swim, 3 miles on treadmill

Thursday – Long bike ride, 2 mile run

Friday – REST

Saturday – Long run (21 mile total)

Sunday – 5 miles easy run with Chloe (lots of stops), Strength session

****Please help donate to find a cure by clicking the below link!!!


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