Weekend Recap and Last Week’s Training!

Guys I can’t describe how appreciative I am of all the donations that came in this weekend! Little secret (not so much to my TC runners who have done this before) is that every time someone donates I get a little email and it’s awesome to randomly be waiting for coffee or parking your car and seeing that someone from your past or a random acquaintance is helping you fight for a cause. I love each and everyone of you!

Friday was a busy one and caught up on a ton of little things I have been putting off. I also got my hair cut which is something I always dread. Having to sit there not being able to do anything else is not very relaxing to me and this translates into me getting my hair cut twice a year (once in July for my bday and once in December around Christmas). I missed this December so was very long overdue. Luckily my stylist and I have a nice system where she doesn’t take any offense to me wanting to spend time with her gets me washed and cut as quickly as possible and doesn’t make me blow dry or sit any longer possible. It was also this ones birthday Friday who you does a TON for CCFA and has been our MC at so many pasta parties in the past! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you do for CCFA! 

Saturday – With our Napa-toga season OFFICIALLY starting next weekend I had a Saturday morning free which I used to get a long run in. The rain held off until the end of my run and I only got stuck running in it for about .3 miles. For once the weather gods were looking down on me 🙂 I followed this up with a CCC class at Beantown Bootcamp which was more about the social aspect rather then the workout and treated myself by picking up lunch and some treats on the way home. I did some work before getting ready for an amazing wedding for two very special people at the Omni Parker in Boston. The bride and I met a few years ago when she joined Beantown. I like to think I am the reason they are together as she took my place in a relay where they met but I’m a firm believer that these two are so perfect together they would have met in some other way. So honored to have been a part of your special day and to celebrate with you guys!

Sunday I slept in until 7 before I was forced to get up by the below look from Chloe. I attended Race-Mania which was a great place to put names and faces together but I will say I was a little disappointed by the overall expo/clinics. The expo was so crowded it was hard to move around and some of the clinics I wanted to attend were later in the day which I didn’t feel like waiting around for. Glad I went for the experience but not sure I would plan my day around it again. Where it had been a WHOLE weekend without my favorite Mac’n’cheese balls from my neighborhood spot I then headed there for the basketball games. This tournament has been great to watch and I’ll be pretty disappointed when they are over and I have nothing to watch (or maybe just not an excuse to be lazy, watch games, and drink beer?)

Not even a little creepy when you roll over and you have this one staring at you

Last week’s training recap (3/20/17-3/26/17):

Monday – 9 miles & strength in the AM, 45 minute swim at night

Tuesday – 11 miles, and Tread Tabata strength class (with the lovely girl above)

Wednesday – Spin class and 30 minute swim

Thursday – Long bike ride, 3 mile run

Friday – 6 easy miles with Chloe

Saturday – Long run and Core Cardio Crush

Sunday – REST

****Please help donate to find a cure by clicking the below link!!!


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