Yes, I’m still here! Yes, let’s catch up!

Hello!! I’m not even sure if anyone out there is still reading my little blog but I can’t believe its been over a month since my last post. As I have said in the past, I am 100% a routine person and with everything else in life blogging took a backseat for a post, a week, 2 weeks, a month, etc. To be honest there was a point a few weeks ago I was both physically and mentally burning out and I just needed a break from everything. After 7 days of complete rest from training and 4 days in Florida of complete relaxation (and food and alcohol) I threw myself back into training last week with a completely different attitude and mindset. So for the sake of catching up I figured I’d update you on the various areas of my Ironman training/fundraising/life. 

Running – Of course I will start with the one thing I am the most confident in 🙂 In the past month my running has definitely taken a backseat to biking and swimming but still is my happy place. I think I have only done 1 or 2 hill workouts and my long runs have gotten slower but still make sure to run at least 4-5 days a week. Usually I do one long run, one day of coaching, and 2 mid-length runs a week and then try to get in a few miles after my bike rides. This weekend I will be running the Providence marathon and my plan at this point is to take it slow the first 20 miles and implement a run/walk for the last 6 miles. I am still working on running slower so that I don’t go out to fast for the Ironman and my legs are used to these paces. All in all things are good in the running world of Loriland!

Biking – At the moment I have a love/hate relationship with biking. As the weather has been nicer I have been able to get outside for a lot of my rides which has been amazing. I am learning to embrace just getting on my bike and being able to just ride. I am also getting a lot more comfortable with riding on the roads and more comfortable with my bike feeling like mine and not just a random one I borrowed with someone. A few weeks ago I purchased a bike rack which also makes traveling with my bike a lot easier (it used to mean I was out a backseat). My next hurdle to conquer is learning how to use my gears and how to maximize speed with them. Right now I am doing a long ride each week and two shorter rides around an hour and a half each.

Last week I had the pleasure of my first experience of “hitting the wall” while working out. I set out to ride 65 miles with a 4 mile run after. I had a perfect out and back that I felt comfortable with and the plan was to do it multiple times. I was shocked at how good I felt until mile 50ish and was averaging 14-15 miles an hour which I was very happy with (especially staying in the same gear the whole time)! At mile 50 things got hard but I figured this was because it was getting hot and I wanted to be off my bike. Them around mile 55 I started feeling SUPER dizzy and my legs basically stopped working. I tried to play mind games with myself and telling myself I was just tired but it wasn’t working. There was a point I almost got off my bike to sit on the side of the road (and possibly throw a tantrum) but figured that would only make it harder to get back on the bike (and who would actually be listening). Luckily I made it to my car around mile 60 and decided to cut my bike ride short (still thinking I would be running). I chugged a ton of water, 2 or 3 granola bars, a banana and figured I would feel better.  Of course this was not the case and I didn’t even make it a half mile without feeling insanely dizzy again. At that point I knew I was done for the day but will was terrified and anxious about how I felt and what it meant for my future training.

The incident stayed with me for the night and the majority of the rest of the day not because I felt done on myself but because how how scared I felt getting that sick. At this point I’m looking at it as a lesson learned to make sure to keep up with hydration and nutrition while biking.

Swimming – Still the hardest of the three for me. For me mentally getting into the water is the hardest part as I HATE being cold. I have been working really hard at the front past of my stroke and really listening to all the random advice people having been giving me while swimming. Today I not only jumped in the water RIGHT AWAY (I had an appointment I needed to get to by 7am) but I swam 1.6 miles STRAIGHT without stopping. It was a good enough time that if I kept that pace and slowed down by a huge amount I would still make the swimming cutoff in the Ironman, which is good enough for me. I am really excited for the day I can get in the real water and don’t have to swim hundreds of laps back and forth in the pool but for now consistency is happening and I’m happy with that. I am swimming twice a week and today was the first day I switched from swimming for a certain time period to swimming by length.

Strength Training – Still getting 2 solid lifting sessions in a week and trying to do at least 10 minutes of core exercises the days I don’t lift. Nothing I love to do but I truly believe strength training keeps us from being injury free and overall is helpful for all areas of training.

Fundraising – I really wanted to hit my halfway point in fundraising by the 10th but I’m not sure that is will be happening. Fundraising has REALLY slowed down and I am starting to think of what kind of events I want to do in the summer to help get to my goal. I know a lot of people who have said they will donate and I think I have just never been one who feels comfortable bothering people to donate. It is stepping way out of my comfort zone to do this and I think the fact I still have 5 months is both a blessing and a curse for me.

Spring Race Season – As usual I have a TON of races on the calendar for the spring but this season will be very different. I need to keep reminding myself that my Ironman is my target race and that no other race at this point matters. Each race I am going into as an “organized training session” so that I don’t push to hard and  don’t need time to recover. I do have a good mix of running/relays/tri’s/cycling races in the planner for the next 5 months so am looking at them as solely a way to gain more experience running/biking/swimming with people in a racing atmosphere. I will be blogging about each race so stay tuned!

Work – With our new community centered program launching soon it is an exciting time but also a pressured filled time to make sure everything goes right. This in addition to seeing patients and getting certified to run a new Mind Body Stress Management group keeps me busy and makes the days fly by. I am proud of myself in that I am trying to cut back on the number of per diem crisis shifts I am taking with BEST and although its hard financially I am trying to stick to one BEST shift a week while training. On the coaching front we are in week 6 of our Team Challenge Saratoga season and fall marathon training plans are starting to be written. All in all work is work 🙂

Life in General – As always I’m trying to find a balance which is always an up and down process. Trying to keep up with training, working 3 jobs, horrible sleep patterns, and an amazing puppy who turns one next weekend makes it difficult to travel and see my friends and family as much as I would like. What I have been better about though is truly treasuring the time that I do have with people and making the most of Sunday morning coffee, phone calls to and from work, and doing the little things in life to let people know I am thinking of them even if we don’t have time to meet up. With a few new pregnancy announcements this Saturday, a few Spring weddings, and better weather it will be easier to get together for events and catch up with those who I haven’t seen much in the past few months. Overall trying to take things a day at a time and do as much as I can for others and myself 🙂

If you have made it this far welcome back to my little training world and thanks for checking in! 

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