Highs/Lows/Lessons learned from training this week & 5 Fun Facts For Friday!

It feels like forever since I have done one of these posts but happy to bring them back into the rotation! 


HIGH – Getting right into the pool for both of my swims this week – Yes this may not seem like a big deal to many of you but until this week it was taking me AT LEAST 10 minutes to get into the pool to start my workout. 

LOW –  Not getting enough lifting in this week  – I average an hour and a half of strength training this week but it was all broken up in places and didn’t get to fit in any classes.

HIGH – Spending two mornings at Beantown Bootcamp – Have really missed my morning work out buddies. Although I didn’t take class I still got to see everyone in the morning (and fit in a much needed coffee date) and it really made all the difference for the rest of the day.

LOW – Running a marathon Sunday coming off my highest week of training and no rest days  – Not a huge deal but am in no position to be running this marathon Sunday. I’ll get it done but it is not going to be pretty. 

HIGH – Swimming by length instead of time  – For some reason this made my swims go by so much faster. Maybe because I had control over the workout instead of the clock?

LOW – Fundraising is really at a standstill – Starting to get REALLY nervous about fundraising. I have been emailing, and letting people know what I am doing but for some reason I am not progressing anywhere. 

HIGH – Getting 67 miles on my bike in and not feeling dizzy like last week – It was a perfect day to ride and I had ate about 1000 calories just in carbs/sugar the night before. I also only stopped once during the ride. 

LOW – Getting in a new bathing suit and it not fitting – Nanc has been on me about getting a second bathing suit so I don’t have to worry about my only one not being clean. I finally ordered one from amazon and it barely fit around the waist. It honestly looked like a child’s bathing suit but checked the size and it was the one I ordered. 

HIGH – HIGHEST TRAINING WEEK YET – With the marathon this weeks breakdown will be 50 miles of running (plus whatever coaching bring on tomorrow), 8 hours on my bike, and 2 hours swimming.  Really figuring out how to fit workouts in when I can and being flexible with my training schedule this week to make it happen.  


  1. Carbs make everything better. I already knew they worked wonders for emotions but now I have proof they work physically too 🙂 
  2. If your chain gets off your bike track you can lift the back wheel and pedal to get it back on (Thanks Ami and Youtube).
  3. Bike helmets have a back adjustment….. (Luckily I was never hurt by this but I had no idea I was not wearing my helmet right). 
  4. Wetsuits are expensive. I started doing research and they can run up to $900! Because of this I might be swimming in the pool until my birthday 🙂 

5 FUN FACTS (about myself) FOR FRIDAY 

  1. I had to wear a back brace in middle school for a few years due to severe scoliosis
  2. I sleep with a fan or the AC on year round because I love going to sleep cold and the sounds helps me fall asleep 
  3. My birth mark is on my forehead and my brother has the exact same one
  4. I am obsessed with To Do lists and probably make 3-4 a day 
  5. I HATE the rain. Not only does it get everything wet but it also makes everything smell musty


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