Weekend Recap and Last Weeks Training!

If someone could please tell me how it is already May 8th it would be great. These days/weeks/months just seem to be flying by! This weekend kicked off Spring race season for me and I could not be more excited for the upcoming few months. I registered for a lot of races before I decided to sign up for the Ironman but will be using them as “organized training runs/rides/etc”. This means that I will have to check in with myself and force myself to take each race nice and slow to get the miles in and to also experiment and learn from my experiences.


Friday – It was a miserable day in Boston and the weather did not help motivate me to want to do anything. I spent a lot of time snuggling Chloe and then made it no further than down the street to my local bar (funny enough named Local 149). It had been about 3 weeks since I have had my usual Friday meal of prosecco and fried mac’n cheese balls but did add a side salad at the last minute (baby steps people) to make it a healthy meal. Whether it was the weather, the long week, or the bubbles I fell asleep early watching basketball and got an amazing nights sleep.

Saturday – We had 6 miles on the schedule this week for our Saratoga Team Challenge training run. We ran along the Charles and left from Beantown Bootcamp. Although only a few people showed up it was great getting some one on one time with runners and getting to know them a little better. Chloe also enjoyed the morning as she ran off leash with us. I was a proud mom that she stayed with me the ENTIRE time with only 1 redirection because she wanted to go swimming. This resulted in her still smelling like river water and a grooming appointment on Wednesday 🙂

After training I headed to Providence to grab my bib for the marathon. I will be doing a race recap this week but the expo was small and we were in and out within minutes. A walk around the mall and a quick hello to a friend who was also picking up her bib and we were done. The rest of the day was pretty lazy as again the weather was pretty bad. I did venture out for some food and what I thought was going be some some pre-race night donuts only to find out the Dunkin I went to was all sold out of donuts! It was probably the low of my weekend and I still am wondering how I managed to survive….

Chloe is a huge ran of road trips  and we have them down to a science 

Sunday – It was nice to be running a somewhat local race and to be able to sleep in the day of a marathon. The race started at 7:30 and I think I was in bed until 5:45. A quick shower and we were out the door. I did forget my sunglasses and gloves but even going back to get them we still got to Providence in plenty of time. The race felt really small and was a little unorganized but 26.2 miles is 26.2 miles. It was an odd feeling having no pressure and knowing I was only going to run a certain distance of the race. I got to see a friend (the same one as Saturday) before we started and I think I was more emotional and excited for her then I will ever be for a race of my own (spoiler alert she did AMAZING). Again I’ll do a full race recap but I did manage to pull myself back pace wise and focused a lot on hydration and nutrition.

I finished the marathon and quickly changed and headed out of Providence. My knee was bothering me and the last 6 miles which took me forever just made me want to be done with the city for the day. We headed to lunch ASAP when we got back and as it always does after a marathon my beer tasted like heaven. Marathons, races, and sports events are the few times I actually crave beer and am super excited that Harpoon’s Camp Wannamango (I am so sorry to all of you beer snobs about there). I did get my donut post lunch (Strawberry frosted with sprinkles), took a little nap, and then relaxed for the rest of the day. Sunday night was spent with a long trip to the field for Chloe to get a nice run in, massive amounts of snacks, and packing/getting ready for the week.


I hit my highest week of training last week! My knee is bothering me a little today so am taking today off and giving myself a few days before running again

Running: 58 miles

Biking: 110 miles

Swimming: 2 hours

Stength training: 3 30 minute sessions


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