First Major Low of Training


How I spent a majorty of time at my desk this week

The Low of the week

LOW –  Knee pain – As you read in my recap post I ended the marathon with horrible knee pain. I took Monday as a rest day and then swam and biked Tuesday thinking it just needed a few days off. It hurt when I got out of the car, going up stairs, and just at random times. I didn’t want to panic and was telling myself it was nothing and would heal up fine. 

On Wednesday I went out for a 10 mile run and the start of the run actually felt okay. Around mile 3 I stopped to stretch it and see how it felt. From then on, I stopped every mile to strech and every time I would start up again running I would experience a horrible pain. By the end of my “run” I again felt what I felt in the marathon and had to walk home. It almost felt like all I wanted to do was foam roll my quad. I had gotten in 10 miles though so figured I just needed to foam roll more. I also got a thai massage at night and was counting on the fact it was just tight and the massage would magically fix it.

Thursday I got up for a run and made it .25 miles before the pain started again. It was here where I started to panic. I have never had an injury and running has never been taken away from me. Plus my mind went into catastrophe mode of being out for 6 months, not being able to complete the Ironman, etc. I literally got into my house and just sat on my bed and cried. Not from the pain but of the unknown and what it meant.

On the way to work I posted on the Zoom Facebook page about physical therapists hoping I could see one sooner than later. Within 10 minutes I had 10-15 responses from people I have yet to meet and don’t know at all. Looking back it makes me realize just how this sport connects people and how passionate people are about it. We all are training for our individual races but there is a bond and people truly just want the best for each other. Within 20 minutes of posting I had an appointment at Boston PT and Wellness in Medford at 2:30 that day and although I was still internally freaking out tried to put on a positive face.

Before you all start judging me for being overdramatic over simple knee pain hear me out. YES I understood this was a small thing compared to other things in the world. YES I knew things could be MUCH worse. YES I didn’t have an illness that impacted me on a daily basis like the people I was running for. But at the time it was WHAT I WAS FEELING and what I needed to go through. I needed to have that cry on my bed and be pissed off at the world and everyone in it for a few hours. I have been working so hard fundraising and training and it felt like that was being taken away from me. So while I fully understood that this was not the end of the world and life would go on I couldn’t help what I was feeling and needed to be honest about those feelings.

At 2:30 Chloe and I walked into Boston Physical Therapy and Wellness and from the very second I was in there I was blown away. A smaller facility I was greeted with the most friendly faces who told me it was going to be okay and that they would get me to my race. The majority (all) of the staff being athletes themselves they understood the emotions and feelings that went along with training and wanted to work WITH me and my training plan and didn’t just tell me to stay off of my legs for 6 months for it to recover. Yes I may have choked up from professionals telling me running was off the table for at least a week (sorry to all my loved ones who told me this and I immediately snapped at them for not knowing what they were talking about) but they also reinforced that I caught it early and that resting it now would get me back to running much quicker then if I tried to push it.

I left the clinic still feeling a little emotional and frazzled. Thursday night was spent stress eating everything in sight, losing my wallet, and eventually heading home to my parents house. Yes, I could still bike and swim. Yes, it may be as short as a week of no running. Yes, I could go on “brisk” walks Yes, it could be worse. But these things still all meant I was unable to run. For a girl who had worked so hard to be able to run in life this just felt crushing and felt like all those people who told me I was taking on something much to big in life were right.

Friday  I woke up in much better spirits and tried to see the positives in this. This break will allow me to focus more on swimming and biking which are my weaker sports. This was also a huge wake up call in terms of how much I have been slacking in the strength training department. I have always told my runners and people in general that I have never had an injury because of how diligent I am over lifting and this is a perfect example of how important it is. Additionally, it may produce better habits in terms of warming up, cooling down, and foam rolling more in my life. And finally it makes me realize how much I really do love running and how much I take it for granted. For the past few days every runner I see I want to throw things at, but I will also remember this the next time I am snuggled with Chloe in my bed at 4:15 AM and I am complaining to her that I don’t want to get up and run 🙂


All grown up and turning 1 this weekend!

Knee pain or not I will be racing in September and I will do whatever it takes to get closer to finding a cure! Please consider donating to get me closer to my goal!

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