Monday Morning Training Updates

Last weeks weather made it finally feel like Summer is just around the corner. Warm weather makes everything better in my mind and puts everyone is a better mood. Last weeks training was a combination of progression in swimming, a cutback week for  biking, and trying to figure out the status of my knee. All in all it was a good training week followed by jammed packed weekend and the Harpoon 5 miler (weekend and race recap coming tomorrow).

Swimming – Last week I had my longest swim yet! Wednesday morning I swam 2.4 miles which is the distance I will need to swim for the Ironman. I didn’t take any breaks, didn’t touch the bottom of the pool once, and swam the same stroke the whole time. I am a slower swimmer but stay consistent and calm throughout my swims. I am having problems with my googles being tight and giving me a headache after a while but all in all feeling okay about my swimming abilities.

kid wetsuit
Really wishing they made cool looking wetsuits for adults! 

On Friday I visited Fast Splits in Needham to start looking at wet suits. I will say I was disappointed in my experience there. I told the women I was speaking to that I didn’t think I would use the wetsuit post Ironman and she still tried to sell me one costing $500. I also felt like she wasn’t listening my actual questions and the experience was not individualized for my needs/wants. I left there very underwhelmed although I did figure out what size I will need so that is a plus at least?

Biking – I got 2 indoor rides of 25 miles in last week and really focused on pushing myself on these shorter rides. I think this helped my “longer” ride because I finished a whole mile per hour faster then I usually do. I put a cutback ride in my schedule because I was a little burnt out from long rides so ended riding 50 miles on Friday. The heat was awful so was very happy that I had already been planning on a cutback week.

Running – I was still in panic mode over my knee at the beginning of last week. My knee still hurt doing certain things and didn’t want to try running before it was fully healed. Tuesday morning I was able to run 6 miles but I could still feel something wrong with my knee. I tried again on Thursday but with the heat it was another bad run. On Saturday I was able to take some time before coaching and ran 10 miles pain free with hills and everything. I followed it up with 6 miles coaching and my knee was as good as before the injury. The next day being Harpoon I figured it would probably be sore and I would just walk or run slowly with someone but I started running and it felt great. I was able to throw some quicker miles in there to test it out and could not be more happy with the results. I’m also extremely proud of myself for taking the necessary time off and for listening to my body. I am SO ready to get back to running this week

Felt REALLY good to get some quicker miles in! 
Strength Training – I was able to get to a strength class last Monday and also incorporated 2 30 minute strength sessions into my week. I threw in a lot of preventative exercises which I think I am going to make a priority for a little while. I need to remember that strength doesn’t HAVE to equal gym time and that 10-20 minutes here and there are better then nothing.

Nutrition – This gets a giant F. I was so stressed out with my knee last week and have the tendency to stress eat. This combined with the start of summer parties, Harpoon, and way to much fried food this weekend left me feeling VERY unhealthy last night. I had a minor breakdown over how much I had let this area of training get off track and just how it made me feel. While I can’t go back and change it, I can move on and try to hydrate and eat more clean today. For some reason I feel that I am a very all or nothing person when it comes to eating habits and trying to figure out a way to be more balanced.

Recovery – Enjoying a much needed rest day today and might treat myself to a massage this weekend. I even slept in until 6:30 today!! 🙂

Imagining this is what Chloe and I would look if someone where to see us in the middle of the night 

Fundraising – I am blown away by the donations that keep coming in and and so grateful at how many people are behind me in fighting for a cure! It really is an incredible feeling knowing how supported I am and how much more connected I am to my patients, runners, campers, etc through this experience!!

Last Weeks Training Log 

Running – 36 miles

Swimming – 2.4 miles on Wednesday, 1 hour swim on Tuesday

Biking – 2 25 mile rides, 1 50 mile rude

Strength Training – 2 hours total

Will be back tomorrow for a Weekend and Race Recap! Until then please help me come closer to finding a cure by donating below!!




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